An open letter to the dry shampoo that changed my life

Dear dry shampoo,

It’s been a few years now since you came into my life and I thought it was high time that you and I have a real chat about the influence you have had in my life. Because truly, you have changed it.

I remember our first encounter. I had just finished getting a beautiful blowout. My naturally wavy, incredibly thick hair takes an hour to blow out and every minute that passes after the stylist stops blowing it dry is a moment closer to its inevitable destruction. Wind. Rain. Showers. They are all enemies of the blowout. But then there was you.

“Try this,” my stylist told me, pushing a spray bottle toward me. I have never been a product person. I hate hair sprays and gels and anything that takes away from my hair’s natural texture. But I agreed to try you. It was two weeks before I had to wash my hair again. Two weeks! You are miraculous.

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Of course, it’s not always perfect between us. Like any relationship, we have had our bad days. Not every brand is the same and some bad ones have left residue in my hair or made it sticky and smelly. But by and large, you have been my constant companion, the reason my morning routine is down to 15 minutes and basically the best friend a gal has ever had.

You are not for everyone. Thin-haired girls might not appreciate you the way I do. But you can extend a blowout for me for two weeks. I only have to wash my hair two or three times a month and I look salon-fresh for weeks. How could I do anything but adore you?

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The fact is, washing our hair every day is a major beauty blunder, but people do it anyway. You soak up all the oils and make us look fresh. You call yourself “shampoo,” but you are really more like powder and oh how we love you for it.

So please keep rocking what you do. You make so many women so very happy. And let’s not forget the beauty of your tinted versions. No need to show your grays anymore thanks to you. Dry shampoo, you win. You are the product I cannot live without. And now I never will have to.