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Kitten demands more ice cream, and we’ve never understood cats more (VIDEO)

This cat — hilariously named Charlie Rooney — and his quest to satisfy his sweet tooth is the very definition of focus. Watch and learn, people!


You guys, Charlie Rooney has left me nothing short of inspired. So often, I have found myself wanting more food — usually of the sugared variety — but I’ve been afraid to ask, fearful of what others might think of me. So, I usually sit there, feeling dissatisfied and annoyed that I haven’t reached the point of fullness quite yet.

But after Charlie’s inspiring display, I will no longer sit in silence. In fact, I am not even going to ask my friends for more food; I’m just going to unabashedly raid their fridges. Life is too short to be polite when it comes to food. Thank you for this important life lesson, Charlie Rooney. You are a national hero.

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