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11 Things people did with their extra #LeapSecond

It looks like the gods are playing a prank on us today because they have answered our prayers for more time, but they’re just giving us a measly extra second.

That’s right. At 9.59 a.m. AEST, there was an extra second in the minute in order for the super-strict timekeepers to align their clocks to the earth’s rotation.

It’s called a leap second, and people have been taking to Twitter, as you do, to share how they busied themselves with that all-important extra second.

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1. The leap second made some go hopping mad

2. Others wasted their leap second completely

3. A few smart people used the leap second to catch some extra Zs

4. Of course, a leap second is as good a time as ever to take a selfie

5. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner stayed married for that one extra second, too

6. Tech heads were on standby for computer crashes

7. For some, though, the extra second was just enough time to put the finishing touches on their art projects

8. The Food Network spent their leap second eating cheese

9. Some took the leap second literally

10. Others got a bit contemplative about it all

11. While some people just needed to cut the earth some slack

Mostly, though, people didn’t know when the heck the leap second was

What did you do with your extra second? I learnt Italian. Ciao, bellas!

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