7 Fashion trends that make every woman an instant fashionista

The simple definition of a fashionista is someone who lives and breathes fashion. However, that doesn’t mean you live or die by the trends dictated by the high-fashion world. It means you’re confident enough in your sense of style to start your own trends.

Fashion trends come and go as quickly as the seasons, but a true fashionista doesn’t let that fluster her. She knows how to take bits and pieces from those iconic trends, and make them work for her unique style. If you fancy yourself a fashionista, you probably already know it’s about embracing the looks that fit you best, then adapting them so they accentuate all your awesome attributes. It’s about self-expression, not making yourself look like the model who wore the clothes first.

Here are seven trends to try out that you can easily make your own. Remember, the key to being a great fashionista is taking a simple trend piece, and adapting it so it shows off your personality.

1. The fitted blazer

Image: Express.co.uk

Fitted blazers, especially cropped ones, are an excellent way to style up any summer outfit for a night on the town. You can make them unique by adding a cool pin to the lapel, or getting one in a bright color. Personally, I’d go for black, but that’s because my wardrobe is already stacked with color.

2. White jeans

Image: Free People

White jeans will probably never go out of style, but I’m loving how versatile they’ve become these days. The ’70s are back again this year, but you could totally go boyfriend-style, or ripped long shorts if you like a looser fit. Offsetting them with a dark or colorful belt or top is key.

3. Gingham anything

Image: Anthropologie

I cannot express to you how much I love gingham. It’s such a great way to highlight that country chic look without overdoing it. The best part about it is that because it’s a structured pattern, it looks great with florals, and other less structured patterns.

4. Jumpsuits

Image: Free People

I know, I know, it’s all about the romper these hot, summer days, but I’m faithful to the jumper. It has a classier look, but still breathes, because the pants are wide. The greatest part is you can dress up the look with a long necklace and heeled sandals, or dress it down with flip flops and a summer scarf.

5. Gladiator sandals

Image: Free People

And while we’re taking sandals, let’s talk gladiator sandals. They’re the warm weather answer to the boot, and look killer with shorts, as well as long dresses. The sky’s pretty much the limit with these statement-making shoes.

6. Light kimonos

Image: Anthropologie

Kimonos, much like funky blazers, jazz up any ensemble. They’re also great for those steamy months, because they’re super light and breezy. Try a patterned one, and pair it with your white jeans and a simple tee, or wear it over a maxi dress when you head out for dinner. Either way, you’ll be looking effortlessly chic in one quick step.

7. Stripes on stripes

Image: Whatiwore/tumblr

Those who are nautically inclined are probably cheering right about now. Yup, stripes on stripes is a super stylish look, and one that’s very easy to master. You just have to have some variation in the stripes — either big on bottom and small on top, or two different colors — just something to break them up so you don’t give people seizures when they stare at you (which they will).

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