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Horrifying video shows teen attacking a girl holding a toddler (VIDEO)

This appalling video will not only shock you, but make you question how people are raising their kids.

There’s no way of sugar-coating this; the video you’re about to see is extremely disturbing and so senseless when you consider the consequences.

A video on LiveLeak has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. Posted only a few days ago, it has already received over one million plays, 524 votes and close to 80 favorites. The cell phone footage is just over a minute long and shows a teen being attacked while holding a toddler.

The video posted by Allen Watts was actually recorded by another teen and onlooker who captured the incident on a cell phone. Two teenage girls appear to question two other teens (one is holding a toddler in her arms) sitting at an outdoor table. There’s also a teen boy who’s a part of the instigating group watching from the side. After a few seconds of going back and forth, one of the girls grabs the teen with the child by the hair — launching the toddler straight to the ground.

With cameras still recording, viewers watch in horror as a teenage girl drags her peer to the grass both punching and kicking her. To make matters worse, no one tried to help stop the fight. In fact, the teen boy who came with the two girls is seen dancing next to his friend as she continues her assault.

KHOU News reports the 13-year-old who beat up the girl has been arrested, and now faces assault charges — including injury to a child. Police say the victim, a 14-year-old girl and her 3-year-old cousin, suffered minor scrapes.

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No names have been revealed as all parties involved are juveniles.

Growing up, I was always taught that fighting should be the very last resort. I never got into a physical altercation as I was more fearful of my parents than the person I didn’t like at the time. There are too many events like this happening in and out of schools across the country. Perhaps it’s the absence of a parent figure or general lack of home-training that would make people act so crazy.

I can’t believe someone would try to fight a person who’s holding a child. A child! Thank goodness that poor baby didn’t suffer worse injuries as she appeared to hit the ground hard. Both of those girls should’ve left with the toddler once they noticed things getting heated. The friend of the attacker should’ve stopped her from fighting instead of stand near the other girl to make sure she didn’t jump in (I assume that’s what she was doing). And the gall of that teenage boy to dance while someone gets attacked is beyond comprehension.

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I personally would like to see charges fall on the other teens who came with the girl.

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