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These cats are too smart for their own good (VIDEO)

The cats in this video have some of the most insane talents I’ve ever seen. Whether it’s jumping straight up several feet in the air to grab a mouse, or riding on the front of a truck, these guys are not afraid to go for it.

Beyond physical abilities, some show just how amazingly clever they can be when put to the test. One unlocks his cage from the inside (good luck keeping him in one place for long), while another escapes the clutches of a dog nemesis by recognizing the power of a floating board.

Needless to say these cats are not to be trifled with. Several even scare off offending bears. Bears! That’s right — bears know better than to get on a feline’s bad side. Cats are unpredictable, furry geniuses and heaven help you if you cross one. Check out the full expression of their awesome super powers.

I don’t know about you, but I would definitely want one of these badass kitties in my corner if I were ever in trouble. Not to mention, it would be pretty great having a cat dunking assistant for my next basketball game. It’s good to know these mercurial fur balls use their powers for good as well as evil. If they think you deserve it, that is.

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