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Disneyland just banned selfie sticks

If you’re planning an upcoming trip to Disneyland, you’ll have to leave your selfie stick at home.

Disneyland just announced it has banned selfie sticks — the irritating narcissist’s favorite smartphone accessory — effective July 1 at all Disney theme parks worldwide.

“We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family and unfortunately selfie sticks have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast,” Disney spokesperson Kim Prunty said.

The selfie sticks have been causing chaos on rides throughout the parks. Big Thunder Mountain had to be shut down for more than an hour just this week thanks to riders pulling out their selfie sticks on the roller coaster despite signs and warnings against it.

Now Disneyland is ratcheting up its offensive against selfie sticks with a full ban. Any selfie sticks being brought into the park will be confiscated during the mandatory bag check. Visitors will have the option of checking their selfie sticks with park officials while they’re in the park or taking them back to their cars or hotel rooms.

They aren’t messing around.

Disneyland wants people to be safe. I’m worried about people so vapid that instead of just enjoying the day at Disneyland, they spend the entire time trying to document the experience to make their friends on social media jealous.

Have we really lost the ability to just be in the moment? Why are so many people compelled to take themselves away from a fun — and expensive — day at a Disneyland park to fuss over taking the right selfie?

No matter — they’re banned now. Selfie addicts will have to go back to obsessing over which Instagram filter makes them look the most tanned.

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