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7 Apps that make moving to a new city a breeze

Moving to a new city is arguably one of the most exciting things you can do in life. The entire process exposes you to new cultures, amazing scenery and fresh ideas and perspectives. All of this is great but learning the ropes and meeting new friends can be a bit of a challenge. Lucky for you, you’re living in a world where tech can make pretty much anything easier, including the process of becoming acquainted with your new city! If you’re planning a big move, there are seven fabulous tech tools and apps you must look into. Check out the complete tech guide for a girl on the move to a new city!

1. Meetup

Looking for a way to meet up with like-minded groups of people to grab some coffee or take an outdoor adventure? Meetup is your answer. It helps you meet new people in the area who share common interests. The best part is that there is no romantic context. Sure, you can keep your Tinder for the occasional date (or whatever you use Tinder for… ), but this app offers a great alternative to help you find some friends.

2. How Much Speed do I Need?

Wi-Fi is essential. Unfortunately, that makes the process of finding reliable Wi-Fi essential too. The “How Much Speed do I Need” tool can help here by providing a custom internet speed based on the number of devices you will be connecting and how you intend to use them (for Netflix, music, games, etc.). Once you’ve got your speed, you can enter in the zip code of your new home to find a comparison list of providers who offer what you need in the area.

3. Uber (or Lyft!)

Uber and Lyft allow you to “call” for a ride with just the touch of a button. They provide you with notifications for when your ride is on its way, when it’s close and when it has arrived at your location. The best part? Both apps store your payment info for easy management of fares. On top of this, the fares are typically cheaper than taxi fares.

4. Walk Score

This nifty tool “WalkScore” provides a score for how easily you can walk or bike around the city for your daily activities. It also helps you scope out your new neighborhood for apartments, attractions, restaurants and more. If you’re new to town, this is an incredible resource to help you plan out daily transportation needs and potential hot spots for shopping and dining.

5. Like a Local

You can use this app “Like a Local” to check out local favorites for cafes, restaurants and bars in your area. All content is provided by locals, so you’re getting the straight, unbiased opinions of people who have actually been to each location.

6. Gas Buddy

GasBuddy could be a lifesaver for you if you plan to commute to your job in your new city. It helps you locate nearby gas stations and compare them to identify your cheapest options. You can view full maps and charts with gas pricing and calculate your trip cost to determine how much you will be spending on gas as you commute each day.

7. Offer Up

Once you’ve settled into your new spot, you might realize that you need some smaller furniture items and/or a few gadgets to fill up extra space. The Offer Up app gives you access to a feed of items being sold near you. You can connect with others to purchase gently used items like electronics, furniture and jewelry at a great price. On the flip side of this, if you find that you need to sell a few things to accommodate smaller square footage, you can do so easily through Offer Up as well!

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