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Tindog is a dating app for dog lovers that will help you find true love

If they made a movie about it, there was only a matter of time before the dating app. Tindog has arrived, friends, a smartphone dating application whose only rule is that users must love dogs. Finally, technology that understands a way to a woman’s heart.

Similar to Tinder, dog lovers unite on the Tindog app, which was specifically designed for the use of pro-pooch posse members (no cat lovers allowed, got it?). Download it for free, and simply swipe to the left for a no-go, and swipe to the right for a potential match made in doggy heaven. Who doesn’t remember falling in adolescent puppy love as a schoolgirl, doodling Mrs. So-and-So all over their notebook? I support any dating app that can provide women with hope to find that same puppy love they knew and felt years ago.

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What makes this app super unique is that it was designed with the dog and owner in mind. Below your profile photo in the right-hand corner you will find two conveniently placed emojicon options to choose from. By clicking the adorable cartoon of a large-headed dog, you are specifying your interest in playmates for your pup, while if you choose the image of the male and female, you then indicate you are in search for a playmate of your own. Wink, wink.

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I remember testing out the technological dating services of Tinder for a brief time when I was single. This was over two years ago, when the app was fairly new and, basically, a booty call. I have heard a few successful tales, but mostly horror stories. That said, I have reason to believe dog lovers are genuine people with good hearts, because how can you not swoon at the sight of large, inviting puppy eyes. I’ll be crossing my fingers for the success of this app.

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