Make your potted plants glitter with this gold foil detail

Gold foil is an easy way to turn something that is ordinary into something extraordinary. I made a Gold foil vase a little while ago, and it quickly turned into one of my favorite decorations in my house. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to use the gold foil again, and thought the flower pots my herbs are growing in might be a great option! With Mother’s Day coming up I thought these Gold Foil Flower Pots would make a great gift. What “foodie” mom wouldn’t want fresh herbs in a gold flower pot? For all the moms who are not “foodies,” try adding a pretty plant instead!

The gold foil is simply elegant. It’s fancy, but somewhat rustic at the same time. The foil creates a not-so-perfect vintage look to anything you put it on. This whole craft is actually very simple!

Gold foil flower pots


  • Flower pot
  • Gold foil kit (adhesive, sealer and gold foil)
  • Fresh herb or plant
  • 2 paintbrushes


  1. Use a paintbrush to paint the adhesive onto the pot where you would like the gold foil to go.
  2. Allow the adhesive to start to dry and get sticky, about 10 minutes or so (you can check this by simply tapping it with your finger).
  3. Carefully (with clean hands) place the gold foil onto the adhesive; the foil will stick to where the adhesive is. The foil is very thin and can break easily, but don’t worry, you can always add more adhesive and glue more on!
  4. Once all of the adhesive is covered, use the dry paintbrush to brush away any excess foil.
  5. Use a paintbrush to paint the sealer over the gold foil, making sure all of the edges are covered.
  6. Once it’s completely dry, you can add in your plant or herb.