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7 Easy ways to make your home less cookie-cutter and more ‘you’

Is your home lacking character? Subtle changes here and there can make a world of difference. Our experts will get you started…

1. Start with curb appeal

Image: Houzz

“A fresh coat of red paint on the front door can be dramatic and compelling,” says Paul Gabrielle, president of Stair Builders in Long Island. “Add attractive urns filled with colorful flowers, install ground lighting and put out an attractive, modern doormat for a welcoming entryway.”

2. Incorporate the things you love


Image: Matan Efrati/EveEm/Getty Images

“The easiest way to add character to a home is to add things you love,” says Kelly Fallis, CEO of Remote Stylist. “Think less ‘store’ and more you.” Decorate with beloved family heirlooms and special keepsakes from your childhood.”

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3. Choose the perfect sofa


Image: LampsPlus

“A sofa is a worthy investment piece and the centerpiece of your living room,” says Michael Murphy, design and trends producer at LampsPlus. Select a bold, brightly hued sofa that exudes design confidence. (, $500)

4. Two words: Accent wall

Image: Houzz

An accent wall is a great way to add a sense of personal style to a room without overdoing it,” say the experts at WOW 1 DAY PAINTING. “Look for a bold color that goes with your existing furniture, or go with one of the season’s trendy metallic hues.”

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5. Do photos the right way


Image: PearTreeGreetings

Artfully display family photos. Framed photos are always an option, but too many can look like clutter. Instead, turn one favorite photo (or dozens, collage-style) into modern metal wall art. Your “floating artwork” will be unique to your home alone. (, starting at $34)

6. Add whimsy with accent pieces


Image: Westend61/Getty Images

“Cozy accents showcase your personality and change the entire feel of a room,” says interior designer and author Jennifer Adams. “Add a few festive throw pillows to transform a so-so living room into an inviting, personable space for family gatherings.”

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7. Mix it up



Forget themes and aim to keep things interesting! “Mix high-end and affordable pieces with confidence,” says Murphy. And mix materials and finishes, too. “Here, sleek steel balances rustic reclaimed wood tables for a modern look.”

Each of us, with our unique personalities, should find our own ways to inject character into home spaces. These tips are a great way to kick-start those creative juices so you can create the interior design that best suits you and your family.

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