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Homeless man returns wallet to woman with brain cancer

What would you do if you were down on your luck and found a wallet with a ton of cash? Do you think you would keep it or try to find the owner? While most of us might consider keeping a “finder’s fee,” one man decided to be a Good Samaritan.

There are times when we forget things important to us in the most random places. One can only hope the person who finds it does the right thing.

An anonymous homeless man is making headlines for a random act of kindness. Currently down on his luck and experiencing hardships, he stumbled across a purse left on a park bench on his way to an AA meeting. Taking a closer look inside, he noticed $400 in a wallet, along with an access card that provides medical assistance to eligible recipients. Placed in a “what would you do” scenario, he made the choice to track down the rightful owner instead of take the cash.

With the help of a nearby homeless shelter, he was able to find the owner of the purse. As it turns out, she’s a single mother battling brain cancer.

“That broke me down a little bit, it broke me down a little bit,” said the man.

Opting to meet off camera, both the homeless gentleman and mother exchanged pleasantries. The mother reportedly was extremely grateful that someone not only found her missing items but returned everything she had.

When asked if he ever considered keeping the money for himself, he admits to the thought but knew it wasn’t right. “I just thought it wouldn’t be any good on my conscience,” said the homeless man. “Somebody might not have known, but I would have known. God would have known.”

Hopefully this story will inspire more of us to do the right thing in the face of temptation. Sure, $400 cash would’ve been a nice bump in a bank account, but the peace of mind in knowing you helped someone else seems like the better payoff. Who knows if you’ll ever lose or misplace something valuable? One can only cross their fingers a Good Samaritan will come your way.

Who knows why this woman had so much cash on her in the first place? I’m just happy everything was returned to her, as I know quite a few people who weren’t so lucky. One person in particular kept her rent money in her purse during a shift at work and never saw it again. Needless to say, she learned her lesson given she had to work overtime to recoup what she lost.

Do you think you would return the money if you found it?

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