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Skinny jeans land woman in the hospital for four days

Skinny jeans. They are the bane of our existence in so many ways. And yet many of us (myself included) couldn’t possibly live without them. And for one woman in Australia, that’s exactly the choice she almost made.

Doctors in Australia say that a 35-year-old woman there had to spend four days in the hospital after she had muscle damage, swelling and nerve blockages in her legs. All from squatting for several hours while wearing skinny jeans.

Oh lord.

“We were surprised that this patient had such severe damage to her nerves and muscles,” said Dr. Thomas Kimber of the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia, in an email to the AP. And what’s terrifying is, this could happen to anyone.

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In this case, the woman apparently was helping a friend pack up her house and spent a lot of the day squatting. The jeans compressed her muscles and led to numbness and an inability to walk. And it’s not the first time they have caused issues. Tight jeans are known to cause nerve lesions in the groin. Still, this severe muscle damage is new. And should probably serve as a warning. If you are going to squat, maybe do so in leggings, sweatpants or boyfriend jeans.

This is yet another example of the way that fashion can actually harm people. Look at high heels. There are so many injuries each year from heels and yet people persist on wearing them. Trends all over the world cause pain and disfigurement and have for years (Lotus feet, anyone?) and yet we still practice many of these customs today.

So let’s keep some things in mind: Skinny jeans are meant to have a little give. Sure they don’t look right when they sag (believe me, I learned this the hard way), but they also need not cut off your circulation to look good. I have plenty of skinny jeans that have a lot of give and still look great on and tucked into boots. Let’s be smart, ladies. If you are going to be active, maybe skinny jeans are not the best choice. Maybe that’s the day for elastic and spandex and workout clothing.

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We don’t need to suffer for beauty. That’s a lie. Let’s not fall for it

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