11 Forever 21 pieces that will make you look like a J.Crew model

Love the J.Crew aesthetic, but not the prices? Steal a style secret from the tweens of the world, and get the look you’re looking for at Forever 21 for way less.

Obviously, you’re not always going to find the same quality at Forever 21 — these aren’t items that will last forever. But J.Crew doesn’t last forever either, and if you’re looking for a way to stylishly spiff up your summer wardrobe, you can save beaucoup bucks by strategically shopping!

1. A stylish dress you can wear to work — or just about anywhere

A stylish LBD you can wear to work


2. A pretty, summery dress

A pretty, summery dress


3. Jumping on the jumpsuit trend

Thinking about jumping on the jumpsuit trend


4. A flattering, feminine lace top

A flattering, feminine lace top


5. A funky tropical print top for a warm day

A funky tropical print top


6. A sleek cami to wear alone or as a layering item

A sleek cami to wear alone


7. A denim pencil skirt

A denim pencil skirt


8. A fun pair of statement earrings for some trendy bling

statement earrings


9. A funky tote for all your pool / beach / music festival needs

funky "ethnic" tote


10. Some chic wedges that make your legs look great in shorts

chic wedges


11. A pair of flat sandals for those lots-of-walking days

a pair of flat sandals

Total cost at J. Crew for 11 items: $1,442

Total cost at Forever 21 for 11 items: $230

Total savings: $1,212


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