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6 Reasons hedgehogs make the perfect pets

After my roommate announced that we would be welcoming a hedgehog into our apartment, I was more than wary. I don’t like taking care of things; it’s hard enough remembering to feed and clean myself. However, after I was forced into becoming a co-owner of an African pygmy hedgehog, I realized that they’re actually the perfect pets for even the laziest of people.

These spiky little critters are becoming all the rage in the world of exotic pets, and here are six reasons you should consider welcoming a hedgie into your home.

1. They’re exotic but not scary-looking

girl holding hedgehog

Photo credit: Rosie the Hedgehog/Instagram

Having a unique and exotic pet is cool, but if the animal is also slightly terrifying, the fun may be lost a little bit. Hedgehogs, originally from Africa and Asia, are definitely uncommon as pets, but they aren’t going to scare off your friends or give you the creepy crawlies. At the most, they get a little spiky when scared, but it’s really quite cute seeing them roll up into a prickly ball.

2. They’re surprisingly easy to take care of

Despite being so exotic, these spiky cuties are still extremely easy to care for. Much like a hamster, all they require is a cage, wood chips, a wheel and a water bottle. Even their diet is simple — cat food! They are as low maintenance as pets come, needing only a clean cage, refilled food, an occasional bath and 30 minutes of human touch a day. If you’re like me and don’t have time to worry about a pet for more than five minutes a day, they are perfect.

3. They’re the perfect Instagram models

hedgehog in a pumpkin

Photo Credit: Rosie the Hedgehog/Instagram

If you have always dreamed of having an Instagram-famous pet, hedgehogs are the perfect choice. They can be taken around easily for funny pics that are sure to rake in the likes. Taking cute pictures of hedgehogs is too easy, as most of the time they’re just chillin’ anyway, basically posing for you without even trying. Our hedgehog loved being put into this pumpkin sock, probably just because she likes the attention.

4. Your friends will be impressed

What better way to entertain a crowd than to whip out a hedgehog? Everyone will be amazed by your special little creature, wanting to touch the spikes and watch it run on its wheel. You will instantly feel cooler as everyone tries to take pictures with your awesome pet, thanking you for showing them such a cool animal. When we got our hog, people immediately starting asking to come over and see her. Instant popularity.

5. No pooper scooper or litter box needed

hedgehog scowling

Photo credit: Marutaro the Hedgehog/Instagram

If nasty pet messes are not your jam, you will love being a hedgehog owner. Cleaning up after your hedgie is as easy as emptying out the wood chips, all grossness immediately taken care of. Most of the time, your hog will take it upon itself to designate a special area of the cage for bathroom use. How considerate. Also, drool, shedding, barking, chewing, clawing — all not a problem here.

6. They’re guaranteed to make you smile every day!

hedgehog with drawn on smile

Photo credit: Marutaro the Hedgehog/Instagram

Between the cute little whiskers, tiny snaggle teeth, perky ears and innocent little eyes, it’s impossible not to smile when looking into the face of your beloved hog. Hedgehogs are so easy to love — quiet, gentle and straight up adorable. You will find yourself looking forward to coming home to your hedgehog for some therapeutic cuddle time or to conduct a hot hog photo shoot. I know I did.

hedgehog slideshow

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