How to make a DIY watercolor flowerpot using nail polish and water

Turn a boring pot into a thing of beauty with this easy tutorial. All you need are a bucket of water and a few bottles of nail polish to create beautiful pots for your patio.

Nail polish pot DIY


  • Nail polish
  • Flowerpot
  • Disposable container
  • Plastic straw
  • Paper plate or paper towel


1. Get hot water

DIY Nail polish pot

Fill up your disposable container with hot water. If you use cold water or room-temperature water, the nail polish will set before you have a chance to get it on the pot.

2. Add nail polish

Nail polish pot DIY

Drop 1 or 2 drops of nail polish into the water using the brush. You want the nail polish to dissipate into a thin film sitting on the surface of the water. Tap the side of the container to help it spread out a little if it does not do it on its own. If any drops of nail polish form little balls and won’t spread out, fish them out of the water using the drinking straw and try again.

3. Dip the pot

Nail polish pot DIY

Dip the pot into the container of water. The nail polish will bond with the pot almost instantly, so plan what part of the pot you want the design on before you dip it. Repeat this process with more drops and different colors of nail polish until you are happy with the look.

4. Let it dry

Nail polish pot DIY

Set the pot on a paper towel or paper plate to let it dry for approximately 1 hour. After the nail polish is completely dry, you can add a plant to your pot, and then your DIY watercolor pot is ready to display.

Nail polish pot DIY

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