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9 Fun twists on classic games for a summer barbecue

Without a game or two, a backyard barbecue is just a way to pair a hamburger with stifling humidity. Yum. Beef and humidity — what else could a person desire?

A lot, actually. Play one of these backyard games during your next barbecue party to help your guests remember why they love you.

1. Yard Dice


Image: The Sits Girls

Follow a few simple instructions from The Sits Girls for large DIY dice that are perfect for a backyard game of dice.

2. Relay wheel


Image: Natalie Shaw/Doodle Craft!

Devise your own relay races, but keep them interesting by having your guests spin a homemade wheel for the type of relay. You can use a dry erase marker to write in your own ideas as you wish.

3. Pool noodle obstacle course


Image: Raman/Developing the Whole Child

Got a rambunctious crowd? Slow them down with an obstacle course of pool noodle hurdles. The race will be wild, and not all that dangerous.

4. Watermelon seed contest


Image: Making Life Fun!

OK, this isn’t a great one for those of you who are refined. But a backyard barbecue isn’t supposed to be refined! Just dive into a watermelon, aim, spit and measure — it’s fun for all ages.

5. Giant beer pong


Image: ZOMGItsDuke

For a more adult soiree, make an outdoor — and awesome — version of beer pong. Do you still have it after all these years?

6. DIY ring toss


Image: Sara/Mom Endeavors

Sure, you can purchase a ring toss for your backyard. But if you like to keep money in your pocket, just create a DIY game instead! This cute idea from Mom Endeavors just requires a few materials, and it’s built to last for years to come.

7. Yard bowling


Image: Moonfrye

If your party is chock full of kids, follow this tutorial from Moonfrye for a DIY outdoor bowling set. You can make it work for big kids and adults, too, by using 3-liter bottles and a basketball instead.

8. Balloon squeeze relay


Image: Krysta Casey/These are the Days

You can use a beach ball or a balloon for this simple relay race. Divide into two teams, and run the relay race with each contestant paired with a teammate to complete a back-to-back sprint, until all contestant pairs have finished.

9. Cornhole


Image: The Southern Trunk

The game of cornhole is a perennial favorite. You can DIY your own boards, or head to your local store to pick up a pre-made version. It’s great for kids and adults alike.

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