14 Things that irritate the heck out of people who work from home

Aug 10, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. ET
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Working from home sounds like a sweet gig, and it is, but these 14 things just make our blood boil.

1. When people think they can come by anytime they want

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It's tough to get family, friends and neighbors to understand that working from home doesn't mean you have time to drop what you're doing and have a chat.

2. When people expect you to take off with them anytime because "no one can tell you when to work"

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Actually, our deadlines tell us when we have to work. We can't just pop out for lunch, a drink or take a vacation.

3. When clients act like you don't work for anyone else

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Just because you can't walk into our office and see the other clients doesn't mean they don't exist. If we say it will be three or four days, we aren't being lazy or ignoring how important it is to you, we're just respecting our other clients' needs.

4. When you go to a restaurant to work so you can talk to another human, then they won't shut up

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Working from home can be isolating, and sometimes we do need a little human contact, but just because we're alone doesn't mean we're pathetic people who need company the whole time.

5. When people act like all you do all day is sit around and eat bonbons

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No, we're working. I promise. How do you think we can afford stuff?

6. When nobody freaking tells you anything (like that the office moved)

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This can happen to freelancers, but it's more common when you're telecommuting as an employee. Seriously, though, they can't do their jobs if they don't have all the same info as the employees who work in the office.

7. When you're trying to come off as super-professional, and your dog starts barking

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Seriously? I know he's just a dog, but he just spent the last hour napping quietly. Why now?

8. When family and friends who have office jobs assume you can do all their errands

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We don't mind helping out when we do have flexibility, but we do actually have work to do. If we don't work, we don't get paid. We also don't get paid sick or personal leave if we're freelancers, so maybe take advantage of your benefits instead.

9. When clients have no boundaries whatsoever

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OK, so we work from home, but that doesn't mean you can call us well before or well after our office hours without special arrangements. We also have lives and families outside of work.

10. When people constantly think you can just watch their kids at the drop of a hat

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Balancing our own kids and work is tough enough. Some of us even put our kids in daycare. But we probably can't just take your kids for a few hours — especially since your kids don't know the "Mommy's working" rule.

11. When you become a workaholic because there's no janitor to give you dirty looks for staying late

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"If I just stay one hour later… if I just stay two hours later… if I just stay three hours later." It's a slippery slope.

12. When people think you're not a legit professional because you don't have an office

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We just love it when people think our jobs are "cute" or "nice for us." Actually, some people who work from home make more money than their spouses who don't. It's a real job. We promise.

13. When customers think they shouldn't have to pay you as much because you don't pay rent on office space

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Maybe not, but we do have business expenses, self-employment taxes, health insurance and a host of other expenses. Negotiating us down using that as a point is disrespectful.

14. When you have to explain what you do for a living… and people just don't get how you make money

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We do our work, bill our clients, get paid and put it in the bank. It's just like having a job, but we have more than one paycheck and a lot more headaches.

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