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How to live like a grown-up Disney princess

If you love Disney princesses, but you’re worried that you’re too “grown up” to still enjoy the trappings of royal life, these design ideas will show you how to stay a grown-up while embracing your inner princess.

Canopy bed

Nothing says “princess” like an elevated canopy bed, and this one is definitely perfect for a grown-up royal.

Subtle elements of pink

Pink princess decor is definitely on the menu when you’re a kid, but there is no reason you can’t incorporate subtle shades of pink into your grown-up decor.

Other princess-y pastels

Pinks aren’t the only pastel shades you can use as a grown-up Disney princess. I love this gorgeous green bathroom that looks light and airy while still maintaining a princess-y feel.

Silvery touches

This fairy tale bathroom is just what your inner princess would love to have. All of the silvery touches, including the gorgeous silver leaf mirror, are incredible.

Rose-covered sanctuary

Just as Sleeping Beauty’s castle was covered in roses, brambles and thorns, this amazing garden sanctuary is too.

Winding staircase

What castle is complete without a gorgeous, winding staircase? Recreate your favorite Disney scenes here. You won’t be sorry.

Traditional chandelier

Whether you use real candles or not is up to you, but don’t you just adore this simple, traditional chandelier?

Glass bathroom

Elsa designed a castle from glass, so use her style of wintry skills and go for glass decor in your bathroom.

Castle-like stonework

Adding some castle-like stonework into your home’s decor can make it seem like you are actually living in a castle. And you know you want to live in a castle.

Woodland animals

Snow White was able to communicate with her woodland friends, so bring them indoors on your home’s decor to bring a little of the forest inside.

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