The Pitch: Amber Gordon sells Femsplaining

Jun 24, 2015 at 3:00 a.m. ET

Did Amber Gordon convince you in her 60 seconds? She has already raised a lot of money, so clearly there are many people out there eager to see a safe space for women to have honest conversations. But she wants to do more.

Name: Amber Gordon

What you’re pitching: We’re looking for angel investors to fund the growth of Femsplain. All funds raised will go towards paying our small editorial staff. All content is contributed by our community except for our featured contributors, which is funded by our successful Kickstarter campaign.

Position: Founder,

Hails from: Currently in Brooklyn, New York, but grew up mostly in Wisconsin and Connecticut

Birthday: Dec. 15, 1989. Sagittarius!

Personal life: Single (also none of your business)

Priors: Community manager at, community manager at Denny’s, creative strategist at Tumblr

Pitch inspired by: Funny enough, feeling really uninspired was partially what inspired me to want to create something like Femsplain. My previous job was stressful at times, and for someone like me who thrives while being challenged, I was feeling really unhappy. I met Femsplain’s founding editor Gabriela Barkho through Twitter early last year, and we became fast friends. Our friendship, and a group chat with two of our other close friends, was the main inspiration of our platform. We wanted to take the idea of talking to your friends in a private group chat, writing in your diary and having a support group, and bring it to life on the internet.

Mentor(s)/people who inspire: My mother, my stepmother and Janet Mock

Words to live by: One of my friends, whom I met on the internet, lives by, “Growth is at the end of your comfort zone,” and I 100 percent agree with this.

Last read/watched/listened: Read: Yes Please by Amy Poehler; Watched: Mad Max; Listened: Goddess by Banks

Expert in: Social media strategy, internet culture, gardening

Social: TwitterInstagramTumblr

What’s your guilty pleasure: Eating bagels with lox and cream cheese while watching anime

How I recharge: I try to read a chapter from a book each night or put on a mask and listen to relaxing music.

Top of travel wish list: England, but I’m hoping to visit in September. After that I’d love to visit Tokyo or Seoul. I’ve never been out of the country!

Favorite life hack: Disconnecting from social media and taking a breath every now and then

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