Angry woman hates sandwich, attempts to run over employee with her car

Jun 19, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. ET
Image: CBS Local Sacramento

No matter how angry you are with the service you received, violence is never the answer. Why catch a case over something so trivial as a sandwich?

The Sonora Police Department in California is searching for a woman (seen in the surveillance photo above) who allegedly assaulted a fast-food worker. CBS Local Sacramento reports a Subway employee called 911 after being verbally and physically assaulted by an angry customer.

She didn't like her sandwich.

The employee reveals the woman became angrier about her dissatisfaction that led her to hurl both the sandwich and a soda. Things almost turned deadly once she left the restaurant.

"The clerk followed the customer out of the business while speaking with an emergency dispatcher on the phone," notes Chief Mark Stinson. "When the customer observed the clerk in the parking lot talking on the phone, she accelerated the vehicle and swerved at the clerk, in an attempt to hit the clerk with the vehicle."

Fortunately she was unsuccessful but is still on the loose.

Police describe the woman as a white female in her 20s with medium-length blond hair. She and an unknown man left the scene in a gold, late-1990s model Honda sedan.

This has to be one of the craziest stories about an angry customer I've ever heard. It's bad enough many have to deal with irate and shady co-workers that one has to now be careful about people trying to run them over in parking lots.

I'm a pretty big fan of Subway restaurants. It was my first job and continues to hit the spot when I need a quick meal for lunch or after the gym. Sure, there have been times when my sandwich resembled a Jackson Pollock painting, but doesn't eating fast food mean you sometimes have to take the good with the bad? Unlike many fast-food establishments, Subway makes your meal in front of you. If this woman didn't like something about her order, she could've easily asked for some changes.

A bad sandwich is certainly not the end of the world — though I can recall getting flustered while pregnant because the lines were too long. Regardless, it would've been much easier if she had calmly addressed her dislikes instead of throwing both her sandwich and the drink. Sorry, honey, but you won't get a refund that way. No 6-inch or foot-long sub is ever worth the well-being of someone else. If things were really that bad, speak to the manager, or leave a poor review online.

I guess a bad meal is worth an attempted assault with a deadly weapon charge.

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