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The hair tool you shouldn’t even try to live without this summer

It’s summer, so like white on rice, media outlets are probably trying to sell you on the best salt sprays and hair hacks for the coveted beachy wave hairstyle.

And after years of trying so many salt sprays (seriously guys, so many), they’ve just met their match. I finally got around to trying a fun, new curling iron. But it’s not just any curling iron. It’s a self-rotating curling iron.

Sarah Potempa curling iron

It’s important to know that I recently chopped my hair off above the shoulders. And I love it. But anyone who tells you short hair is easier is either lying or gifted. Sure, there is less hair to dry, but there is still an art to styling it perfectly to flip and hang the way you want need it to. And when she cut my hair, my hairstylist and best friend very strictly instructed me that this is not meant to be a straight a-line bob. No, this was a messy short style that should be a little wavy, but not at the ends, and never to look like Victoria Beckham circa five-ish years ago.

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And you know when you get your hair cut and your stylist sends you home with hair that makes you feel like Beyoncé? You don’t want to wash your hair for days so you can preserve her work of art that is your commercial-worthy hair. It feels impossible to recreate.

Well, I tried. And I succeeded for a while. There were good days and there were bad days, but I’ve ultimately mastered it with the help of some round brushes and my new secret weapon to messy, beachy waves — this Sarah Potempa Beachwaver (I mean, it has “beachwaver” in the name. How many curling irons can say that?).

I have to warn you that it’s $129. But ask yourself this: How many more sticky salt sprays are you willing to succumb your strands to? How many more nights can you take combing through tousled, tangled hair? Did I mention it curls your hair in less than 30 seconds? Did I mention it rotates all by itself?

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