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Robot fails miserably at giving this dog a treat (VIDEO)

I tend not to trust robots for many reasons, perhaps most notably because they always turn on people in movies. I suppose the fear comes from the idea that they’ll get smarter than us, and then we’ll be at their mercy. However, this little clumsy robot eases my concerns considerably.

The robot is given a piece of a Pop Tart that it appears he is then commanded to give the dog. However, while he grips the pastry pretty well at first, he quickly drops it, much to the dismay of the dog, and then things just fall apart from there.

I’m not sure who designed this particular robot, but they didn’t think too much about his ability to balance. The dog seemed dubious about him from the get go, but after he stomps all over the treat, and falls twice — once on his back, then on his face — the dog wants nothing to do with him. Perhaps we should take our cues from our canine buddies — artificial intelligence will either usurp our authority, or fall over trying.

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