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4 No-heat-needed ways to curl your hair

Step 1

Putting on headband to curl hair GIF

Wrap a loose, cloth-covered headband around the top of your head along forehead. Be sure there is a small “pouf” of volume at the crown of your hair. The headband will sometimes naturally push up, creating the volume. This is a good thing, as it sets the volume for the style. Pull out bangs if you have any.

Step 2

Mousse hair product GIF

Apply mousse to hair.

Apply mousse to hair GIF

Step 3

Curling hair with headband GIF

Take the section of hair around your face and twist loosely as you tuck the hair into the headband.

Step 4

Wearing headband for heatless curls GIF

Repeat this process until all your hair is tucked into the headband. Wait one hour.

Step 5

Removing headband for heatless curls GIF

Lift off headband and gently shake hair out.

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