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4 No-heat-needed ways to curl your hair

Sure, it’s easier and faster to curl your hair with a curling iron, but sometimes it’s nice to save your strands from all that heat damage. In the name of healthier hair, here are four heatless hair curling tutorials to try.

Step 1

Applying hair product GIF

Spritz medium-sized sections of hair with lightweight spray gel or mousse.

Step 2

Twisting hair for heatless curl GIF

Twist sections loosely and pin onto base of hair.

Step 3

Heatless twist up curls tutorial step 2 GIF

Twist and pin in any direction, no particular pattern. This will give you a messier curl. Let sit as long as possible.

Step 4

Heatless twist up curl GIF step 4

Release pins and finger through (do not brush).


Heatless hair curls

Finish off with hair wax or pomade for an extra “piecey” look.

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