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8 Tech gifts your dad will be thrilled to get for Father’s Day

Buying that perfect gift for Father’s Day doesn’t have to mean a stressful trip to the mall this year. The latest tech gift ideas include fun gadgets and unique interpretations of traditional gifts. Say goodbye to another tie and get Dad a gift that he’ll really love this Father’s Day. (And don’t forget grandfathers!)

For the photographer: Bluetooth selfie stick

The PureGear: Selfie Stick will turn any dad into the perfect photographer! Plus it folds, has a Bluetooth one-button operation for simple selfie snapping and extends between 7.8 inches and 2.8 feet. (PureGear, $30)

For the griller: iGrill² Bluetooth thermometer

For the novice griller or the pro, the iGrill² Bluetooth meat thermometer cooks to the perfect temperature every time. Dad can grill with precision all summer and never have to check and recheck to make sure pork, steak or chicken is grilled to a safe temperature. Easy to use, and with four probes so Dad can monitor temperatures of four separate meats simultaneously via the app, grilling gets a boost from the latest technology. Hungry families everywhere will love the grilling revolution. (iDevices Inc., $100)

For the on-the-go dad: TrackR

Let’s face it: Busy dads can’t keep everything in order the way Mom does,right? Enter TrackR, a thin tracking device to locate any lost or misplaced item in mere seconds. Don’t just think keys or mobile devices; TrackR helps keep track of pets, bikes or anything else that may go missing near or far. I wonder if it works on kids? (, $30)

For the rocker: PUNK wireless speaker

If dad is a music lover (or just wants to tune into his favorite sports broadcast), the Punk wireless speaker offers intense, crisp sound from a rough, tough and compact speaker pack. Featuring an eight-hour battery life and a water/dust/shock-resistant casing, this speaker is the perfect fits-in-his-hand size for Dad to take anywhere. (, $70)

For the fitness enthusiast: NASA-inspired in-ear headphones

The Shadow Wireless headphones are the first in-ear wireless headphones to feature NASA-inspired biomorphic design. They are gorgeous and have incredible sound and a cool look. And they can be worn all day! Shadow is designed to be an extension of the body (based on NASA research) and the sound is better than most wired headphones. In addition, the headphones feature a mic & remote, and are built to follow the body’s movements. These headphones are sure to take Dad’s listening to another universe! (, $200)

For the traveler: chargeable backpack

STM’s Smart Backpack has a built-in energy feature that gives dad an extra 15-20 hours of talk time for his phone or some extra power for his tablet. Built right into the backpack is “Smart Power” and it is so cool you’ll want one for yourself. The backpack offers tons of storage and universal charging for almost every type of device: smartphones, tablets, cameras, Bluetooth devices, etc. (, $240)

For the car safety enthusiast: jump-starter/flashlight/charger

If Dad is on the road a lot, he’ll love having the Bracketron: Road Boost XL, a portable, powerful jump-starter for car and devices, along for the ride. This three-in-one emergency jump-starter for vehicles also doubles as mobile device charger, flashlight and SOS signaler. (, $130)

For the “it” dad: Apple Watch

The must-have and most expensive gift for Father’s Day this year is the new Apple Watch. With Apple’s trademark technology, and a huge media buzz (and celebrities everywhere showing off their new toys), the watch is one of the most talked-about tech gadgets of the season. (, $349)

Dads of all ages will love using these gadgets, and I love that we aren’t buying another boring gift this year for my husband or my own dad!

Happy Father’s Day!

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