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7 Amazing Airbnb rentals to explore this summer

Summer vacations are all about getting out of town, right? Whether it’s to a cool lakeside cabin or a happening beachside villa, we all want to experience life away from the hot city.

While cute inns and bed-and-breakfasts are great to visit, especially on long-weekend trips, it’s sometimes more fun to rent a vacation house, because you’re left to your own devices. Airbnb has made renting a house, even for just a couple of days, super easy. Not only that, but it has some of the coolest, most unique properties around in which you’d never imagine you could stay.

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Here’s a list of a few houses on Airbnb that absolutely scream summer. They all come highly rated by fellow Airbnb-ers, so if you choose to book one, you know you’re in for a stellar experience. Now all you have to do is find a rockin’ swimsuit, and you’ll be ready for summertime fun!

1. Santa Barbara hilltop adobe

Image: Airbnb

If you’ve never been to Santa Barbara, summer is the perfect time to go, especially if you get to stay in this beautiful adobe-style house in the hills. It was constructed back in the 1950s by master adobero Señor Aguilar and features a fantastically large kitchen, gorgeous outdoor fountain and fire pit as well as panoramic views of the valley town below.

2. Rainforest tree house and hot springs

Image: Airbnb

Ever wanted to stay in a fully equipped tree house? How about one that’s in the jungles of Costa Rica with the 35-acre Bio Thermales rainforest reserve at your disposal? For only $105 a night, you can definitely sign me up. The house is clean, comfortable and comes with Wi-Fi, cleaning service and howling monkeys. The only downside is that it’s a bit tricky to get there. However, if you have a car with four-wheel drive, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

3. A cottage on a private island

Image: Airbnb

Yes, you read that right. Your own private island. This pet-friendly, 100-year-old cottage is located on Big Rideau Lake near Perth, Ontario. It takes a bit of a journey to get there — it’s 90 minutes from central Ottawa, and that includes a 10-minute canoe ride. However, if you’re looking to really get away from it all this summer, this is the place. Once you’re up there, you’ll be surrounded by pristine wilderness and diverse woodland wildlife. Definitely an ideal spot if you’re trying to finish that novel.

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4. House that gives you the mountains and the beach

Image: Airbnb

Can’t decide between a mountain or beach trip? Why not have both? This awesome house was built by hand into the 13-acre hill overlooking the Sea of Cortez and the town of Los Barriles in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The master bedroom is located in a panoramic dome that offers views of the ocean, mountains and desert simultaneously, as does the rest of the house. The rocks of the hillside make their way into the architecture, and you have your own pool if the ocean seems too far away.

5. Chalet in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

Image: Airbnb

If you’re thinking mountain retreat for the summer, the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina are some of the most breathtaking. And this chalet is smack in the middle of it, complete with its own waterfall.

6. Artistic Topanga Canyon suite

Image: Airbnb

Topanga Canyon is all about that laid-back, artsy vibe. This house encapsulates that and more. There are hand-painted murals in the bathroom; colorful, eccentric furniture; and, of course, a hammock outside. The beautiful canyon locale and funky style make this the ultimate Cali vacation spot.

7. Beach house in the center of Provincetown, Massachusetts

Image: Airbnb

And finally, my favorite place in the world, especially if we’re talking summer vacations. This studio sits on top of the awesome Canteen restaurant in the center of Provincetown, which means you’re near everything, including the beach (it’s literally right behind the property). You also have your own full porch complete with all the things you’ll need for a great barbecue. If you like unreal sunsets, great food and a fabulous nightlife (sans the Hamptons trendiness), this is the beach town for you.

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