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Jessica Alba’s new venture will make your makeup bag really happy

Can makeup both enhance your beauty and stay eco-friendly? Yes, thanks to the latest offshoot of Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company.

The company — launched in 2011 to bring non-toxic baby products to the masses — just announced that it’s launching the beauty line later this year. The line is still shrouded in secrecy, but the first promo shot posted on Instagram, featuring models Carolina Sanchez, Kendall O’Rorke, Leelee and Melissa Ingram, makes us think it’ll be full of products that’ll fit women of all backgrounds and skin tones.

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Just because we don’t know much yet doesn’t mean we can’t hypothesize about what we can expect. I scoured over her various interviews to get her views on what she looks for in beauty and makeup. The trend? Natural and non-fussy, of course.

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“I’m glad to see that fresh, natural beauty is front and center on the runway and in real life,” she told Cosmopolitan U.K. in 2014. “I like playing up my natural skin tone by brushing bronzer across my hairline, nose and the apples of my cheeks — wherever the sun naturally hits — and finishing with a peachy lip gloss. The golden glow totally makes you feel like a goddess.”

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“I look for ingredients that won’t clog my pores,” she added to Lucky. “Usually products with natural ingredients [doesn’t make my skin react badly].”

Alba hasn’t commented on when the line will be available other than to say it’ll be this fall. It can’t come soon enough.

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