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Canadian woman makes crotcheted nests for rescued animals, and so can you

If you’re crafty and want to save the world, making nests for baby animals might just be your favourite new hobby.

Ontario resident Katie Deline-Ray started Wildlife Rescue Nests back in 2013 with “the hopes of building a network of people to help supply wildlife rescue nests to wildlife rescue centres all over Ontario, Canada.” Since then, the non-profit organization has grown, now supplying nests to rescues across Canada as well as in Ireland, the U.K. and the United States.

Bunnies in crotcheted nest

Deline-Ray says, “It makes me incredibly happy to have started this project that can help in some small way with all the great work these rescue centres do.”

Baby animals in crotcheted nest

The nests are used for birds and small mammals, and they range in size.

Rescued bird in crotcheted nest

Wildlife Rescue Nests is actually looking for crocheters and knitters to help make nests for its wildlife rescues around the world. So if you know how to knit or crochet, connect with them on Facebook, and start cashing in some karma points.

Images: Wildlife Rescue Nests

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