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Sand art hair trend is the coolest thing you’ll see this summer

If you’re looking for the next best shock factor, look no further than this kindergarten-craft-inspired trend. Dyeing your complete head of hair or highlighting random strands a funky color isn’t exactly a new advancement in the beauty world — Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry are crazy hair color veterans. Recently, however, members of hair color culture just took this candy-coloring trend to the next level.

Remember the days of county fairs and kid parties when you would gather around a huge round table and fill open containers with beach sand dyed bright colors? You’d drizzle a bit through a funnel into a plastic bottle, sometimes molded into a shape, resulting in the colorful trophy you’d place on your bedroom shelf. Sand art was pretty cool back then, and it’s pretty cool now; as a hairstyle.

Unless you’re using a temporary powder or spray in which the color will wash out with one rinse, coloring your hair is quite the commitment and requires frequent upkeep. A mermaid blue hairdo looks pretty awesome until that tropical ocean blue fades into a light green shade.

Salon Pravana has found the solution to every multicolored hair dilemma. The hair care brand launched its latest in-salon demi-permanent coloring product Vivids Locked-In this summer, providing customers with long-lasting, layered coloring that will not transfer onto other colors or blonde strands.
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Dyes come in silver, yellow, orange, red, pink, magenta, violet, green, blue and wild orchid. With a variety of colorful dye, the artistic opportunities are endless. Think My Little Pony meets Kesha. Flawless.

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Watch as Pravana hair artist Rebecca Taylor transforms a client’s hair into a sand art creation and decide for yourself whether the sand art hairstyle is right for you.

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