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Sleeping Beauty prom entrance elicits praise, but raises eyebrows

Apparently, teens who attended a prom in the Bahamas were encouraged to compete for best entrance. One attendee has made plenty of people irate after she had herself brought to the party in an ambulance to be kissed awake by her date, Sleeping Beauty-style.

So, forget prom-posals — those are so “late May.” It seems there is a new game in town — the prom entrance. Ashvonn Russell and her date Johnny Auguste certainly made an unforgettable entrance thanks to the fact that they used an actual ambulance, lights flashing and everything, in their Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming routine.

Opinions on the elaborate entrance, however, are definitely divided. Some people exclaimed that it was “every girl’s dream,” but not everyone was amused. In fact, many thought it was completely inappropriate, and Russell is pretty bummed that people are taking offense to her vehicle of choice. “My hope for this theme was genuinely and solely to win best entrance by my unique style of entry and not for some of the negative attention and exposure it has received,” she told BuzzFeed.

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I can completely see where the criticism is coming from, and already, an employee of the emergency transport system has been suspended for their part, according to the Tribune 242. “The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) finds it despicable that an ambulance under the management of the Authority was used in the execution of a prom event in Marsh Harbour, Abaco at the weekend,” reads a statement. “The use of the ambulance is in direct contravention of the rules regarding the dispatching and use of emergency vehicles which should be dispatched solely for the purpose of medical transport.”

The entrance was cute and creative, but using an ambulance for anything besides a medical emergency is pretty much a jerk move. I never went to prom so I really can’t get all that excited about it in any manner, but at the same time, what kids do for their prom really doesn’t affect me in one way or the other. So if you want to go all out, then by all means, go all out.

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At the same time, don’t do something that makes you look like an insensitive human being. I don’t know what the emergency transport situation is like there on that specific island, but some BuzzFeed commenters indicated that there aren’t tons of ambulances. So if she was able to procure one, where would that have left someone who was having, you know, an actual medical emergency?

Next time someone wants to make a grand entrance, decorate the hell out of a van or a truck or something. Don’t use city resources because you want to, because you’ll look like a selfish ass.

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