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18 Outfits your big dog might actually like

Sometimes it seems like little dogs have all the fun when it comes to playing dress-up, but these clothes for big dogs prove they can get in on the action too.

1. Taking a stand (on treats)

dog shirt reads "treats or GTFO"

Image: Amazon

This “Treats or GTFO” T-shirt lets your pooch make an unmistakeable statement. With a stretchy baby rib knit, this cozy tee also benefits the Huron Valley Humane Society.

2. Glengarry Glen Ross

dog wearing bone-print necktie

Image: Amazon

Your dog will fit right in at work with this dog bone-print necktie from Calvin K-nine. Even our four-legged friends should dress for the job they want.

3. Step back, ma’am

security shirt for dogs

Image: Amazon

Make sure the world knows who’s responsible for your safety with this black “security” tank top. Used by the toughest security personnel in the world, people will think twice before messing with you (unless you’re Justin Bieber, apparently.) 

4. Marley and Me

cable knit sweater for large dogs

Image: Doctors Foster And Smith

Make a statement with this luxuriously thick fisherman’s knit sweater. Your stately dog will weather the cold in timeless fashion, as Marley’s Cable offers a square-cut waist for maximum movement and a fold-down turtleneck to regulate heat. Suit up in gray, rose or red.

5. Fair Isle fashion

hooded Fair Isle sweater for large dogs

Image: Doctors Foster And Smith

Not your standard pet store doggie sweater, this hooded Fair Isle sweater offers a European cut to give your pup a looser, more comfortable fit. The legs and hood are even cuffed to help seal out the winter chill. The sweaters are available in lime green, purple and cranberry for your discerning canine.

6. King for a day

dog wearing a crown

Image: Amazon

Let your big guy rock this kingly crown as you walk the block, so everyone knows who wears the (invisible) pants in the family. With faux-fur tip and rhinestone accents, no other clothing is required (unlike it was for a certain emperor).

7. Walking the runway at the Iditarod

City V-Neck Sweater for large dogs


Somebody likes its City V-Neck Sweater, a quick pullover sweater that even has a convenient leash attachment. After a long day pulling sleds through snow and hard-packed ice, it’s nice just to curl up by the fire in your favorite knit.

8. Snoodie pajamas shouldn’t just be for dogs

fleece snoodie pajamas for large dogs

Image: TailsMeAboutIt/Etsy

Exactly how sad is it if you’re jealous of your dog’s full-bodied fleece snoodie pajamas? Pull the drawstrings closed over your pup’s ears for warm winter walks, and fold the hood down for a cozy indoor snooze. Someone should really start a Kickstarter for a people snoodie I’m in!

9. The wild goldens of the great suburban veldt

wild goldens lion costume for large dogs

Image: DogLoveIt

Once thought to be just an animal of myth, wild goldens (Wiggimus Maximus Suburbia) are rare but harmless, subsisting almost entirely on ragged Frisbees and frayed tennis balls, but they have been known to launch unexpectedly into slobbery tongue attacks when they’re approached too closely by humans. At least that’s what you’ll be saying in a hushed tone as you watch your fur baby play in the yard in this lion outfit.

10. Crafty comfort for your dog

crocheted creamsicle ear warmers for large dogs

Image: MariwetherKNCRs/Etsy

Doesn’t Roscoe look handsome in his crocheted creamsicle ear warmers? Chic and cozy, these ear warmers are available in a variety of colors and sizes and can even be customized for your rottie’s or boxer’s cropped ears.

11. Those St. Bernards can really accessorize

barrel accessory for st. bernards

Image: The Saint Bernard Keg

With their extremely dense, water-resistant coat, St. Bernards are well-equipped for even the harshest weather — their heroic rescues in even the worst winter storms are now the stuff of legend. The only cold-weather gear they were ever purported to wear was that now-famous brandy-filled barrel around their neck for stranded travelers. Now, the barrel is back, and your St. Bernard is once again in the rescue business — though it will more likely be from a treacherous pot bunker in the back nine than an actual avalanche in the Alps.

12. Working out with my Weimaraner

K9 Apparel booties for large dogs

Image: Voyagers K9 Apparel

If you have a Weimaraner, you’ve probably already had to buy yourself a pair of new shoes just to keep up with its demanding exercise needs. How do you think it feels? Not only will these K9 Apparel booties give your Weimaraner better stability indoors, it will protect your athletic pet’s feet from road salt, ice and harsh lawn chemicals when it’s outside.

13. Elegant knit for your refined friend

greyhound knit jumper for large dogs

Image: CTDesignsBespokeBags/Etsy

This custom-made greyhound knit jumper is the perfect gift for your fashion-forward greyhound. They may be quiet and reserved, but this sensitive breed enjoys the finer things in life and wants to be praised for its fine taste in crocheted canine attire. Get the matching cowl if you don’t want a pouty pooch.

14. A great tummy warmer for your Great Dane

comfy fleece sweater for great Danes

Image: Voyagers K9 Apparel

Keep your big guy’s tummy warm on colder days with this comfy fleece sweater. Your gentle giant will stay extra warm in this lightweight Polartec fabric with an adjustable Velcro band that won’t come loose during training or play.

15. Why your dog will learn to hate May 4

Star Wars-inspired Bantha with Tusken Raider costume for large dogs

Image: Dog Costumes Hub

Your dog will love… Well, you will love this elaborate and hilarious Star Wars-inspired Bantha with Tusken Raider costume. Just remember, Sand People are easily frightened but will return in greater numbers… and try to steer clear of any neighborhood Sith.

16. Kayaking with your K-9

K-9 Float Coat

Image: Ruffwear

Cute sweaters and booties have their place, but some dogs join their humans in kayaking, surfing, rafting and other outdoor adventures and need something that will keep them safe in potentially dangerous environments. The K-9 Float Coat is billed as the ultimate in canine flotation and water safety and should be standard gear for any white-knuckle outing. You can even attach a bright LED light for low-light visibility.

17. Not everyone can pull off pink

stowaway rain jacket for large dogs

Image: BaxterBoo

This fleece-lined stowaway rain jacket can be pulled out quickly for unexpected rain and zip back up just as fast for easy storage. The dog bone isn’t just a fashion statement either, it’s a reflective appliqué that increases visibility and helps keep your dog safe.

18. Dashing Doggles for your extreme K-9

Doggles for big dogs

Image: Petco

Your dog is definitely cooler than I am if it needs to strap on a pair of these shatterproof sport goggles. Doggles are perfect for your adrenaline-addicted thrill-seeker by day, cuddly thunder buddy at night.

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