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20 Things only Chihuahua owners understand

Chihuahuas are simultaneously the sweetest and most frustrating little dogs you can own. And the only people who really understand how that’s possible are other Chihuahua owners.

1. They may be small, but you never want to mess with a Chihuahua

growling chihuahua

Image: david_shankbone/Flickr

2. Little dog syndrome is totally a real thing

chihuahua standing on big dog's back

Image: believekevin/Flickr

3. They will always play the “get my hand” game, even if they never once catch it

chihuahua pawing at woman's hand

Image: Giphy

4. They need a lot of exercise, or they can get hyper

chihuahua doing yoga

Image: Giphy

5. They are willing to pee in the house if it rains

chihuahua in a raincoat


6. In fairness, if you looked like this when you were wet…

wet chihuahua

Image: Proggie/Flickr

7. They get themselves into, ahem, some interesting situations

dog stuck between cushions

Image: Giphy

8. They really like to hang out with other Chihuahuas

2 chihuahua puppies playing

Image: Giphy

9. They’ll do whatever it takes to be the center of attention

dog in a cape and glasses riding a scooter

Image: Giphy

10. Unlike a lot of dogs, they enjoy playing dress-up

chihuahua dressed like a bumblebee

Image: Pet Adviser/Flickr

11. “Yo quiero Taco Bell” is only funny so many times

taco bell dog

Image: Giphy

12. They love to play with their humans

chihuahua playing on pool table

Image: Giphy

13. But they don’t mind just chilling out sometimes

chihuahua on massage pillow

Image: Giphy

14. Chihuahuas must be inside dogs — they want to be near you, and some can sunburn

chihuahua wearing sunglasses

Image: tarabrown/Flickr

15. They totally pick favorites

woman cuddling chihuahua

Image: Kim Wright Photography/Flickr

16. They can be a little clingy — some won’t let their favorite owner out of sight

chihuahua riding skateboard with owner

Image: Giphy

17. They really don’t like strangers, though

chihuahua growling viciously

Image: Giphy

18. They think they’re way bigger than they are

chihuahua threatening larger cat

Image: William McCamment/Flickr

19. They’re notoriously tough to train

chihuahua pulling on leash

Image: Daniele Nicolucci photography/Flickr

20. But it’s totally worth it

chihuahua dancing on hind legs

Image: Giphy

Fun chihuahua facts

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