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Serum foundation is all the rage — how to make your own for cheaper

Serum foundations are one of the hottest movements in beauty right now. Big players like bareMinerals, Josie Maran, Bobbi Brown, Perricone and Dior have all put out serum foundations recently. Fusing skin care benefits with glowing, weightless coverage, serum foundations are where it’s at.

But do you have to run out and fork over 30-60 bucks for yet another foundation formula? No ma’am! Let me show you how to make your own. As long as you already own concealer or have a favorite foundation and a facial oil, you’re set.

You will need:

  • Cream concealer that matches your skin tone
  • Facial oil
  • A flat top kabuki for application


Step 1:

DIY Serum foundation: Step 1

Using a cosmetic spatula or even a butter knife, scrape a pea-size amount of cream concealer onto your hand or a palette. If you don’t want as full of coverage, use less concealer.

Step 2:

DIY Serum foundation: Step 2

Add 3-4 drops of your chosen facial oil and mix until well incorporated. If you have oily skin, you may opt for less and if dry, for a little more.

Step 3:

DIY Serum foundation: Step 3

Now dip the end of a flat top kabuki or beautyblender into your newly created serum foundation and apply by buffing in circular motions.

Step 4:

DIY Serum foundation: Step 4

You’ll still want to dust a setting powder on top to make your makeup last and to cut down on any excess shine. I love serum foundations for their glowing, dewy appearance though so I only dust translucent powder on my t-zone.

DIY Serum foundation: Step 5

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