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Community rallies around missing woman who vanished mysteriously

After a mother and her daughter went missing, a Facebook post and concerned friends and neighbors helped lead authorities to the missing teen after her mother was found brutally murdered.

Friends and neighbors became concerned when a strange Facebook message popped up on an account shared by 48-year-old DeeDee Blancharde and her daughter, Gypsy. The message, which was a public post, read, “That B***h is dead!” The first few commenters wondered what was going on until a follow-up message was posted, which indicated the woman had been murdered and her 19-year-old daughter, who lives with a disability, had been raped. That’s when her friends, neighbors and family realized that this might not be a joke and the police were called.

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A warrant was issued and the home was searched, and unfortunately, they discovered the body of DeeDee inside her Missouri home on Sunday evening. Reports say she was violently murdered, and her daughter was nowhere to be found. Happily, the story doesn’t end with another death — Gypsy was located Monday morning, alive, in a Wisconsin home, and the man she was with was taken in as a “person of interest.”

Since the pair went missing and the Facebook posts were made, the community around the small family has worked to keep hope alive and to provide support for Gypsy once she returns home. The family relocated to the Springfield, Missouri, area several years ago after Hurricane Katrina devastated their house and were welcomed into the community with open arms after Habitat for Humanity built them a new home.

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Glancing through the open Facebook group “Praying for DeeDee and Gypsy,” it’s obvious the two were well-loved and highly regarded among their friends and neighbors. “Two of the sweetest souls I had ever met,” writes one friend. “There are hardly words enough to express the level of love and joy that Gypsy brought to the world. For one who fought against so much, her spirit really has never reflected those struggles. Pure Joy and Happiness and Love is what always flowed with her smile.”

While we don’t have all the answers, it’s comforting to know that those in the Springfield community and beyond are prepared to rise up and help this teen out when she returns home. While it’s completely disturbing that the Facebook post was possibly made by DeeDee’s murderer, the posts may have helped the authorities track down her daughter.

Our thoughts go out to Gypsy, her family and their community.


Gypsy R. Blancharde, 23, and her boyfriend Nicholas P. Godejohn, 26, of Big Bend, Wis., were charged Tuesday with first-degree murder in the death of Gypsy’s mother, 48-year-old Clauddinnea “Dee Dee” Blancharde.

Both defendants are in custody in Wisconsin and will soon be extradited to Missouri, according to a release from prosecutors. Their bonds have been set at $1 million.

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