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7 Things you do every day to cause eye wrinkles

Yes, wrinkles are definitely hereditary. Depending on the type of skin you inherited — its elasticity, color, oiliness and muscle support — you may be more or less likely to develop wrinkles. However (a big however), environmental factors can draw wrinkles across your face much faster than your genetics.

We have the control to limit and minimize the number and intensity of wrinkles we accumulate — especially the ones that develop on our faces.

For most of us, we first begin to see those tiny little canyons of doom — I mean, wrinkles — creep up around our eyes, like crow’s feet, bunny lines and frown lines. And there’s a ton of things we do every day that are making them worse!

1. Eye makeup remover

While the oils in eye makeup removers can actually be beneficial (they keep the skin hydrated), the intense rubbing that goes along with them is not so beneficial. The skin around the eyes is at least half as thin as skin around the rest of the face — so let’s be gentle, ladies! Leave the eye makeup remover on your lids for a couple minutes before you begin (gently!) wiping it off. And if you’re using pre-moistened wipes, run them under the faucet first if they are feeling too dry.

2. Eyebrow waxing

Think about this one: The hot wax heats your skin, allowing it to reach into every little crevice and pore. Then, it is vigorously ripped off your very thin eyelid, stretching and pulling the elasticity to its limits. We don’t want stretching and pulling. Instead, opt for threading and try to maintain your brows as best you can after the visit, so you can extend your bi-monthly appointments to maybe just once a month.

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3. Fake eyelashes

Yes, I hate this one too. Fake eyelashes work wonders — your eyes double in size and boys fall at your feet — but their magic ends there. How many times have you carelessly ripped them off along with all the other bridesmaids in the after party’s bathroom at 2 a.m.? Just me? Well, what we have here is more stretching and pulling. Next time you wear them, make a vow with your other girlfriends that you won’t tear them off post-cake cutting, but rather you will tenderly remove them with the eyelash glue remover.

4. Contact lenses

Everyone has their own special way of inserting contact lenses. Lift top lid back. Pull down on lower lid. Twist head sideways. Lift eyebrows as high as possible. I’m not saying you should start putting them in like a robot, but just be aware of your motions. Maybe you don’t need to extend your eyelid that far down. Maybe you don’t need to lift your eyebrows as high.

5. Not wearing sunglasses

Always keep an extra pair of sunglasses in your car. They will help you ward off wrinkles in two very important ways. First, they will keep you from squinting. The more you squint the more you crinkle. Wearing a pair that is polarized or mirror-coated will reduce the most glare, allowing you to keep your eyes wide and perky. Second, sunglasses will also protect you from UV rays, which are your biggest wrinkle nightmares. Glasses labeled “UV 400” will protect you from 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

6. Sunscreen (or lack of)

Wear it. No ifs, ands or buts! For daily sunscreen, you should be coating your face with SPF 30. If you are a camp counselor, marine biologist or park ranger (you get the point), you should be using a block with at least SPF 50. Even if you are wearing UV 400 sunglass lenses, you still need to slather up in SPF — the sun’s rays can still reach your eyes from the sides, tops and bottoms of the lenses.

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7. Sleeping positions

You’re not actually getting “beauty” rest if you’re sleeping on your stomach or side. You know how you toss off your work clothes the second you get home, and then find your favorite sweater in a crumpled heap of wrinkles the next day? Same goes for your face. If you’re sleeping on your face for eight hours (OK, even six) every night, you are ironing wrinkles right into your skin! Stop it! Tell those crow’s feet to keep walking and learn to sleep on your back.

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