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How to use blush as eyeshadow for a simpler makeup routine (PHOTOS)

Neutral palettes will forever be a season staple, but with temperatures high, why not illuminate your eyes more than usual? Substitute your routine palette for a cheeky favorite and double your vibrant blush as eyeshadow.

First, you’ll want to apply an eyeshadow primer to both eyelids gently with your fore and middle fingertips for a smooth application and strong hold throughout the day.

Blushing eyes 1

Next choose either a cream or powder blush based on your preference of color prominence.

Blushing eyes 2

If you’re only looking for a just a hint of color, dab an eyeshadow brush against a powder blush and apply gently to your eyelids. For those looking to go bold with a heavy color pop, use your fingertips to smooth over a cream blush. This will add severity to your lids and embellish your natural iris.

Blushing eyes

It is important to note that not all colors will do your eyes the justice they deserve. If you were born with a set of baby blues, brown and orange shades will make your eyes pop. My green-eyed gals, stick to pinks, purples and red shades while brown-eyed beauties should opt for blue tones and gold for ultimate enhancement.

I’m not overly adventurous myself, so I find that a matte pink shade will do the trick. It’s subtle, yet prominent. However, feel free to always experiment.

Blushing eyes 4

Tip: If bold actually isn’t better, and the look you thought you wanted totally backfired, tone down a blunt shade by applying a light brown shadow over the color blush coating to soften the severity. You’ll have magnified eyes without the jack-in-the-box effect.

Blushing eyes 5

Images: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

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