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13 Things only poodle owners know

The poodle is so much more than the stereotypical yippy white fluffball that always has the best coif on the canine block. Before you judge this prissy pet, check out these fun facts that only poodle owners know and understand.

1. Poodles spend more time at the groomer than you do at the salon


Image: Vladan Millsavijevic/Getty Images

2. They come in three general sizes — toy, miniature and standard — and a variety of coat colors


Image: glennsden28/Flickr

3. Incredibly intelligent, poodles can be taught to do oodles of tricks — like walk on their hind legs

Poodle on hind legs

Image: 12 News/Facebook

4. Poodles have an innate ability to entertain you and make you laugh


Image: Stephanie Graf-Vocat/Getty Images

5. Poodles don’t shed and are an ideal canine pet if you have dog allergies


Image: Ivanstar/Getty Images

6. Poodles excel in dog agility and obedience competitions


Image: Anita & Greg /Flickr

7. Poodles always get attention in a crowd


Image: baoquang/Getty Images

8. Poodles are strong swimmers and were originally bred for water-based jobs such as retrieving birds for hunters


Image: Stolk/Getty Images

9. They may not look threatening (especially with those prissy fur styles), but poodles were prized as guard dogs in World War II


Image: by Ingrid/Getty Images

10. Standard poodles are especially patient with children and will tolerate the noise and movements that naturally come with kiddos


Image: tracy allison altman/Flickr

11. Sadly, poodles suffer many different health issues, including Addison’s disease, eye and vision problems, epilepsy, gastric torsion and thyroid disease


Image: Tanakawho/Flickr

12. Poodles never ever want to be left home alone — and you won’t want to leave them


Image: rpini99/Flickr

13. When a poodle prances into your home, your life will be complete, and no other dog will do


Image: Tracie Hall/Flickr

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