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4 Genius beauty utensils that help get every last drop

It’s always a sad day when you reach the end of a beloved beauty product — and those perfectly good remnants clinging to the sides of the bottle don’t exactly soften the blow. When you consider how pricey products can be, those final drops seriously add up to a whole lot of waste. Cutting dwindling tubes open with a pair of scissors is one way to reach the bottom of the barrel, albeit cumbersome, messy and not exactly sanitary. A better method? Using these genius tools designed to scrape out every last bit of your lotions and potions without getting your hands dirty — your wallet will thank you.

1. Swoon Beauty Universal Lip Gloss Scoop & Applicator

Swoon Lip Gloss Scoop

Founder Keisha Wright was on a girlfriends’ getaway in Aruba when she noticed the applicator on her favorite Bobbi Brown lip gloss could no longer reach the remaining product at the end of the tube. In a pinch, she resorted to using a hair pin to scoop up the stranded gloss, but her frustration spawned an even better solution: this combo scoop and applicator featuring a non-porous, flexible head. Its extra-long neck ensures it can get to the bottom of things regardless of the brand. (, $12)

2. The Spatty Extend Your Beauty Combo Set

The Spatty Extend Your Beauty Combo Set

You may recall seeing speech pathologist Cheryl Rigdon’s product-saving creation featured on Shark Tank, and while none of the investors bit at her invention, we’ll gladly plunk down the cash for a set of our own. The BPA-free silicone spatulas function just like the kitchen tool they resemble, only their heads are scaled down to fit through small openings (like the neck of your foundation bottle). The Spatty comes in two lengths — six and 12 inches — both of which are included in this combo pack. (, $10)

3. Every Drop Beauty Tube Squeezers

Every Drop Beauty Tube Squeezers

While problem-solving beauty brand Every Beauty offers its own curved lip gloss scoop ($5) and doe-footed cosmetics spatula ($5), these reusable squeezers uniquely target beauty products that come in tubes. Simply snap the band shut over the top of any tube, then slide it downwards to push out every particle of product. The set includes four sizes to fit anything from hand cream to toothpaste to hair gel. (, $5)

4. MakeUpMiser

MakeUpMiser Beauty Spatulas

What sets this beauty spatula apart from the competition is its curved, hollowed-out head, designed to contour cylindrical bottles and scoop out product spillage-free. The eight-inch-long tool comes in a set of two different sizes, so you can dip into wide and narrow openings with ease. Bonus: The flexible tip doubles as a measuring spoon for loose powders. (, $10)

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