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The best #RachelDolezal reactions on social media

As everyone scratches their heads trying to figure out how and why Rachel Dolezal, prominent black leader, could turn out to be white, as usual, social media has turned into the place where people can come together and sort through their feelings.

In a recent interview, Rachel Dolezal said she’s got nothing to say to people who don’t think she’s black, but judging by the social media response, people have plenty to say to her.

Here are some of the very best social media reactions. And as a bonus, at the bottom we present to you the love rap video written for Rachel Dolezal in 2013 by her then-fiancé. It’s your Friday afternoon jam to take you into the weekend.

Will poor Brian Williams forever be the liar’s meme?

Can we make #RachelDolezal into a verb?

Conservatives have been quick to jump on the comparison between Rachel and Caitlyn.

Some light-skinned girls are taking the opportunity to share their black credentials.

The Scooby-Doo line does seem awfully appropriate.

Remember The Jerk?

It’s hard to know how to react.

I would totally see this.

It really is the only question worth asking Rachel.

Good luck!

And while this all gets sorted out, we’re all left feeling a little like the confused Geico ladies.

And finally, we have saved the very best for last. For your viewing and listening pleasure, the love rap video “The rest of my life,” written for Rachel Dolezal in 2013 by her husband before they were married. Pretty sure it speaks for itself. Nice ring, though.

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