29 Of the coolest pillows… ever

A single throw pillow can add loads of charm and character and completely transform a room. Find one (or more!) to complement your personal style.

A fish pillow? Heck, yeah! BoConcept’s fun cushion is the ultimate conversation starter for your next gathering. (BoConcept.com, $39)


Add cottage charm with the Ivan and Lucy postage stamp pillow featuring quilted feedback patches and novelty cotton prints. Adorable! (aftcra.com, $52)


A-ha! So that’s where the out-of-style ties go: the Reclaimed Necktie Pillow. Genius! (UncommonGoods.com, $70)


Any parent whose kid has gone through the rubber band craze will appreciate this Rubber Band Pillow for keeping all of the bands in one place. (UncommonGoods.com, $75)


Beige that’s not boring: the Mina Victory Laser-Cut Gold Square Leather Throw Pillow features a gold foil treatment for a truly high-end look. (LampsPlus.com, $270)


Bling! DENY Designs Lisa Argyropoulos Aquios throw pillow is positively enchanting! The gorgeous color and sparkles effect lend a glamorous touch to any room. (Wayfair.com, $29)


Book lovers rejoice! The Olde Book Pillow Classics is available in Treasure Island, Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland. (ThinkGeek.com, $18-25)


Cedric, a 4-year-old Dorset, adorns the front of this screen-printed sheep pillow by Eric & Christopher, two artists from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. His image is so lifelike that you’ll want to sit on the sofa next to him to have a little chat. (ericandchristopher.com, $65)


Complement your square pillows with a fun-shaped cushion. The half-eaten nom nom nom pillow is hilarious! (NeuronsNotIncluded.com, $35)


Crafters are always making amazing things from old maps. This Italy Map Indoor/Outdoor Pillow takes the map craze to the next level (Overstock.com, $36)


Display your obsession with a fantastic Golf Pillow. So perfect for a den or game room. Of course, if you’re more of a foodie, there’s a Swiss cheese pillow that looks mighty similar. (Zazzle.com, $33)


Draft or bottle? The Beer Pillow beats both. (Zazzle.com, $34)


Express yourself in plush form. The Wink Emoji Pillow lets you share your feelings — no phone required. (Throwboy.com, $20)


Funky art pieces are not just for walls. Jazz up your digs with the colorful Reed throw pillow. (AmanthaTsaros.com, $48)


Heads up! This Deco Woman pillow is so cool that your guests may just try to smuggle her away. (SpitfireGirl.com, $56)


If you’ve always wanted a pet (but not the pet hair), then the Luxury Longhair Mongolian Faux Fur Throw Pillows are just what you need. Snuggly without the shedding! (Overstock.com, 29/set of 2)


More comfortable than the real thing, the Sleeping Like a Log Pillow lends a rustic touch to the family room. (ThinkGeek.com, $15)


No doubt you’ll need more than one of these Scrabble-style Letter Tile Pillows. (Wayfair.com, $40)


No nibbling allowed. The Gummi Bear Collage Fun Pillow looks perfectly edible. (Zazzle.com, $34)


OMG. The Donut with Sprinkles Round Pillow is ridiculously cute. (Zazzle.com, $31)


Ready to splurge? Kimpton Hotel’s luxurious Rouge pillow flaunts a fabulous graphic of Venus, the goddess of love. (KimptonStyle.com, $240)


Show off your inner geek with the periodic table NaP pillow. Fellow nerds will totally appreciate your taste. (NeuronsNotIncluded.com, $35)


Society6 has thousands (yes, thousands) of spectacular pillows for every mood, hobby or obsession. We’re in love with this “Nope” pillow — the perfect weapon against annoying intruders. (Society6.com, $20)


The 9 by Novogratz Count Your Blessings pillow adds a touch of color and a simple message to your bed or sofa. (Walmart.com, $12)


The Sari Motif cushion is truly a feel-good pillow. Made in Bangladesh from recycled sari cloth, the pillow is handcrafted by women who have broken away from the sex trade and now make their living by creating beautiful goods. (TenThousandVillages.com, $39)


Treat your sweet tooth to a pleasing slumber with the Tootsie Roll Plush Candy Pillow. Not your fave? You can also get M&M’s, Hershey Bars, Jolly Ranchers and more! (CandyWarehouse.com, $12)


Use a design or photo of your own to create a pillow! The Haberdash iPhone app enables you to make a high-quality cushion with accurate images and superb colors. (iTunes.apple.com, $26-36)


Want texture? The Dransfield Ross Flapper Ribbon Pillow features striking craftsmanship and adds an array of color to your room. (BeyondStores.com, $277)


Why settle for a pillow with a floral print when you can get a pillow that actually looks like a flower? The Blooming Flower round throw pillow comes in gorgeous garden colors, like this marigold orange. (LampsPlus.com, $40)


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