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How to make your precious pet part of your wedding

If you have a pet, chances are you consider it a member of the family. You see it all the time, say “I love you” to it on a regular basis and take care of it when it’s sick.

In fact, the only other person who might rival the place it holds in your heart is your fiancé. To that end, it would only be right to want to share one of the most important days of your life with your furry buddy. Yes, sometimes involving pets in wedding plans can be hokey or problematic, but there are plenty of ways to avoid issues and create some seriously adorable moments.

Here are some super-cute and creative ways to incorporate your fluffy friends into your impending nuptials. And, yes, I intend to steal at least two of these for my own wedding.

1. Put them on your Save the Date

Image: MyPrimativeBoutique/Etsy

The signs are great on their own, but the hat and veil…oh, the hat and veil.

2. The perfect engagement photo accent

Image: Jennifer Longaway/Flickr

Or the star of your engagement photos. Sorry, this pup’s just way cuter than your love.

3. Give your pup the job of ring bearer

Image: Ryan G. Smith/Flickr

Putting the rings on the side of his head like that means he probably won’t eat them.

4. Make your cat a groomsman

Image: Steve Jurvetson/Flickr

The only trick will be keeping him from running off after cute bird wedding crashers.

5. Put your pet’s picture on the seating card table

Image: Susana Lin/Flickr

It’s a great way to keep it involved without having it accidentally pee on the train of a dress.

6. Make a fun mock wedding video with them for the rehearsal dinner

Image: Giphy

Just be warned, they’ll probably show you up by doing a better job than you do on the actual day.

7. Let them share your first dance

Image: Giphy

My cousin and her new husband held their giant bulldog between them as they danced, and it made for the cutest pictures, if not slightly slobbery.

8. Bring them out just for pictures

Image: Catalin Budusan/Flickr

If you’re nervous about having them in the actual ceremony, this is a great alternative that still allows you to share the moment with them.

9. Put them on your wedding cake

Just a little gesture that says, “We ruff you guys.”

10. Give them the best seat in the house

If you have a bird that won’t suddenly fly away, it would create a lovely picture to have it up there on a perch while you say your vows. Just make sure you aren’t standing directly beneath said bird. Bird poop on the head may be good luck in Italy, but it would definitely put a damper on your wedding day.

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