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24 Amazing beauty products chosen by women like you

Let’s talk beauty products. We all have our favorite products, but we also have pain points — the beauty issues we can’t crack. It took me years to finally throw in the towel trying to find the perfect red lipstick before I learned that lip crayons work better for me.

Every woman has different beauty needs, but it helps when other beauty junkies share their makeup secrets and what exactly happened when they tried that new dry shampoo everyone is raving about. Sometimes, the best beauty advice doesn’t come from the MAC makeup artist at that mall (no matter how much we love them). It comes from other women who are trying to figure out their beauty blueprint just like you.

So, our sister site StyleCaster combined the best of both worlds in their 2015 Beauty Awards. They asked their readers and their panel of beauty experts to nominate and vote for the beauty products they’ve already tried and love. Thousands of women voted and the results are in.

Most versatile face makeup

Twenty-four winning products span all the essential categories like Best Face Moisturizer and Best SPF, along with some fun categories like Best “I Woke Up Like This” Tool (you know you have to know what it is). They have also named the best kiss and smudge-proof makeup products, which will come in handy whether it’s your sig-o or your kids giving you the smooch.

Check out all the winners here. We’ve done our duty to tell you — now pay it forward and start shopping and sharing with your circle!

Beauty Awards product winners

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