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11 things only border collie owners understand

Ah, border collies. They’re full of energy, loyal and almost too smart for their own good.

If you’re looking for a dog that loves having the job of watching over your family and is highly trainable, the border collie is right up your alley. Just know they’ll keep you on your toes by opening closed doors, microwaves, baby gates and refrigerators — and will go to great lengths to remove any obstacles that keep them from your love.

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Here are more spot-on facts that only border collie owners know to be true.

1. The border collie is a working dog that will stop at nothing to do a job — even as a pup

Border collie puppy
Image: David Jones/Flickr

2. Border collies are highly alert and miss nothing in their midst

Border collie
Image: Harold Meerveld/Flickr

3. These energetic dogs are exceedingly athletic and want to herd everything (including toys)

Border collie
Image: dulezidar/Getty Images

4. Border collies are the top dogs at agility competitions

Border collie
Image: iztok noc/Getty Images

5. They naturally demand attention and will get it constructively or destructively

Border collie
Image: Vicky TH/Flickr

6. Border collies are the world’s most intelligent dog breed (you’ll even gain some IQ points just owning them)

Border collies
Image: Harold Meerveld/Flickr

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7. They originated from the borderlands of Scotland and England, thus the name “border” collie

Border collie
Image: Vicki Warwick/Flickr

8. Two border collies played Fly, a dog who befriended a pig, in the movie Babe

Border collie
Image: Robert Shave/Flickr

9. They are all-terrain dogs that will go where ever you need them to go

Border collie
Image: F.F. foto per passione/Getty Images

10. Border collies are not wimpy house dogs — they much prefer to be working outdoors

Border collie
Image: tirc83/Getty Images

11. Once you own a border collie, you’ll know that no other dog is a better forever friend

Border collie
Image: Corinne Benavides

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Border collie facts

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Updated 1/13/2017

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