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Tearjerker alert: Beagle mix fosters abandoned kittens (VIDEO)

If you’re looking for something, anything, to wash the depressing news headlines out of your brain, look no further than this touching video of a beagle mix named Mary that steps up to care for three motherless kittens.

Without prompting or direction, Mary takes it upon herself to foster three kittens dropped off at the Animal Shelter of Pickens County in Jasper, Georgia, without a mother. Remarkably, “Mother” Mary treats the kittens with as much love and tenderness as any biological mama cat would.

Mary carries the helpless kittens into the safety of her crate by the scruff of their necks, licking and sniffing each one to make sure it’s okay. Mary watches with concern as the kittens are fed by an animal shelter employee. And what is perhaps the most touching of all — Mary makes the kittens her own and includes them in her new litter of nursing pups. It doesn’t get any cuter, or any sweeter, than this.

If you’re a parent, an animal lover or basically anyone with a beating heart, you may need to pull out the tissues for this one.

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