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High heels cause more than 100,000 injuries per year

High heels will be the death of me. Somewhere, in a closet in my house, there sit at least four boxes of my beloved pre-children shoe collection. I had at least 150 pairs. Beautiful leather with sky-high heels I wore everywhere, every day, in every kind of weather. Now I couldn’t imagine putting any of them on. And a new study about the danger of high heels only confirms that decision for me.

U.S. emergency rooms treated 123,355 high-heel-related injuries between 2002 and 2012, say researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The most common injuries were sprains and strains to the foot and ankle, which any shoe-loving gal can tell you is par for the course.

So what is the answer?

Stop wearing high heels. Really. Truly. Or you will regret it.

Walking in high heels causes discomfort in the lower leg, ankle and foot. They also slow movement of the ankle muscles and reduce step length and overall range of motion. It’s very easy to topple.

Simply put: They are not safe. And they never have been. I know when I go to get shoes now, in my 30s with three children, all I ever look for is comfort. Style, too. But comfort first. I am all about spending a bit more on shoes to get both. Give me a sturdy boot with a stacked heel any day over the spiky little stilettos I once wore with gusto. It’s sad in a way. But mostly it’s a relief.

Sure, the days of legs elongated in gorgeous ways may be behind me. But I run. And chase after a toddler. And attend my son’s baseball games. I’d like to do all that with the use of both my legs.

It’s not worth it, ladies. Let’s all let the heels go. Our health is worth more than a few inches of height. Sniff.

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