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Cat dances to dubstep and is clearly cooler than all of us (VIDEO)

If you’re not familiar with what dubstep is, you will be after you watch this video.


The club can’t even handle George right now — that’s how dope he is.

Not only is George a cool cat, he’s also clearly very versatile, as evidenced by his ability to bust a move pretty much anywhere: the kitchen table, the stairs, in front of a dog’s head and in collaboration with a rope. Pretty sure George would tell me to stop embarrassing myself if we ever hit the d-floor together. Can’t imagine he’d be too keen on me pulling out the old sprinkler move.

But who am I kidding? George and I would never be on a dance floor together because I’m not cool enough to be in his circle of friends. So, that’s where I’m at today: Dreaming of a life where a cat allows me into his friendship circle.

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