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5 Gorgeous summer makeup looks for dark skin

All right, so it’s summertime! Lovely weather, cute fashion, but most of all fabulous makeup. Summer is an excellent time to be bold and daring with your makeup. Or you can opt for a more simple routine. Either way you want to always ensure that your beautiful face is on point. If you’re not sure about what looks go with your skin tone, I’m here to help!

But before we get started here are some simple skin tips to ensure that your skin is up to par before applying makeup.

  1. Drink lots of water.
  2. Eat a diet that consists of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Try to use makeup that’s organic, or as free as possible from harsh chemicals.
  4. Always thoroughly remove your makeup at night. And you could use natural oils like jojoba and coconut for your nighttime moisturizer as well.

OK, so now that we have the skin covered, let’s chat about the different looks.

1. Simple but pretty

Now this one, for me, would be like bronze and gold tones on the eyes, a little mascara with a nice bright pop or bronze on the lips. You could also highlight your cheekbones with those same tones as well.

Samira Wiley makeup

Image: Jason LaVeris/Contributor/Getty Images

2. Shimmery, baby

This look is all about shining bright! You want to choose eye palettes that have sparkly undertones. If you’re using neutral tones, a bright or nude lip can work. But you want to add some lip gloss to give it that extra pop. Contouring is a great way to let the entire look stand out as well.

Lupita Nyong'o shimmery makeup

Image: Gregg DeGuire/Contributor/Getty Images

3. All about the eyes

My ultimate favorite parts of the face to work on are the eyes. I truly believe that when your eyes stand out, it just does something pretty amazing for your entire face. It’s spring, so don’t be afraid to use some color. Blues, purples and greens work well. Add your mascara and falsies too! You could go simple with your lip color. Nudes and pinks pair well.

Kerry Washington purple eye shadow

Image: JB Lacroix/Contributor/Getty Images

4. Barely there

So, just like it says, barely there is simply applying minimal make up. A simple eye color preferably in the nude, gold or bronze palettes again. But very little works best. You can apply some mascara and a little eyeliner, with a nude lip. Gloss is optional.

Serena Williams makeup

Image: Anthony Harvey/Contributor/Getty Images

5. The smoky eye

I think this one works for any season! Don’t be afraid to use other colors, like browns and blues. Keep it simple. For the lips, keep them nude, pink or add a bright color. Oranges, purples, pinks and reds always work well.

Jennifer Hudson smoky eye

Image: Jeff Kravitz/Contributor/Getty Images

So there you have it! Leave a comment and let us know which look was your favorite. Take care of your skin, enjoy playing around with your summer makeup looks and remember that you are beautiful.

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