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11 Dogs that are more ready for summer than you are

The days of summer are here, and these dogs are in the spirit.

1. Wearing wacky shades
Who says sunglasses have to be boring? These pups have the right idea with their wild shades.

2. Running on the beach

hairy dog on beach gif

Image: Giphy

We all know the feeling of running on the beach with the wind in our hair. This pup may have a little more hair than most of us but that hasn’t stopped him.

3. Snoozing on the beach

What is it about a day at the beach that makes us all want to take a nap on our beach blanket? Whatever it is, these two cuties are feeling it big time.

4. Piggyback in the pool

piggy back pup gif

Image: Giphy

Why swim across the pool when you can hitch a ride on your BFF’s back? This little pup has got the right idea, and its big buddy is a great sport.

5. Floating in the sun
This beagle has got the right idea. Who else is ready to do some floating in the pool?

6. Fun in the sand

dog chase crab gif

Image: Giphy

You never know what kind of creatures you’ll see when you spend a day at the beach. This pup looks like it’s having fun, but you might want to leave the crabs alone unless you’re looking to get pinched.

7. Looking snazzy in the pool

This little fashionista has got it all worked out. She’s in the pool on her raft and looking particularly sharp in her heart sunglasses.

8. Lounging by the lake

If there’s not a beach anywhere near you, fear not. Plenty of summer fun can be had at the lake, including keeping cool like these dogs.

9. Hanging out on the back porch
Summer evenings are perfect for hanging out on the back porch with a cool drink to watch the sun go down and listen to the crickets.

10. Jet ski fun

jet ski pug gif

Image: Giphy

When you’re ready for some energetic fun in the sun, jump on a jet ski and go for a ride like this dog.

11. Water park adventures

water park dog gif

Image: Giphy

Summer is a great time to act like a kid again, and there’s no place better to do that than at a water park.

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