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9 Pinterest fails that’ll make you feel better about your own DIY disasters

Pinterest is the place to go for inspiration. Nail art, recipes, hairstyles, craft ideas — whatever you want to create. But what happens when it all goes wrong?

Nail fail

Pinterest fail nails

Image credits: Nail Polish Wars; Kristen/Pinterest Fail

Dreams of Christmas cookies, crumbled

Pinterest fail Christmas cookies

Image credits: Sprinkle Bakes; Jess Hunter/Pinterest Fail

More of a limp shoelace than a bow

Pinterest fail hair

Image credits: Tuimperdible; Erica and Brittany/Pinterest Fail

Maybe it tastes better than it looks?

Pinterest fail watermelon cake

Image credits: Paleo Cupboard; Hayley R./Pinterest Fail

Less nail art, more finger painting

Pinterest fail nails

Image credits: Nail Art Gallery; Rachael/Pinterest Fail

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Who needs light anyway?

Pinterest fail lamp

Image credits: Beach Vintage; Jean/Pinterest Fail

2 ingredient recipes are way harder than they look

pinterest fail pancakes

Image credits: Top with Cinnamon; Becca/Pinterest Fail

This trend might not catch on

pinterest fail t-shirt

Image credits: Living with Jane; Erica/Pinterest Fail

No babies were harmed in the carving of this pumpkin

Pinterest fail baby pumpkin

Image credits: Buzzfeed; October Fail/Pinterest Fail

Let’s all celebrate our Pinterest Fails. At least we tried. Share yours on the Pinterest Fail website.

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